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An orgy of code-switching

From David Moser:

I attended an all-day series of talks today at an academic institution. Some of the panels were in Chinese, some in English.  One that I found particularly interesting was an afternoon panel with the CEOs of several Chinese companies. The panel was supposed to be in Chinese, but I found it hilarious that all of these participants, steeped as they are in American and Western culture and business, seemingly can no longer speak pure Chinese.  It is simply impossible for them.  Some of the panelists could hardly speak even one sentence without throwing in an English word or two.   I started writing down some of their code-switching, but it was so ubiquitous I soon stopped even trying.  Here are some examples:

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English in Chinese: over了, out了, 太low了, 太out了

Note from Gábor Ugray:

I just came across a hugely exciting conversation on Twitter, about English words mixed in with Chinese / adopted into Chinese speech – as seen in the subject line. There’s no easy way to extract conversations from Twitter, but it’s all in Liz Carter's feed today:

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