Data, information, knowledge, insight, wisdom, and Conspiracy Theory, part 2

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From Phillip Remaker:

The one that claimed authorship clipped the edge of the unicorn tail.
The only version I have found that doesn't clip the edge of the unicorn tail is this one from farhan
I don't know if that means I found the original or if the author touched it up. The page is not archived on the Internet Archive.
It seems consistent with his other art.

Later in the afternoon, Phillip wrote the following:
Oh, and one more bonus: I found the "artist" on this page.
The time frame of his Redbubble/merch work matches the meme origin.
Still don't know if he created it or repurposed it. I didn't find any obviously "pirated" work in a random sample of reverse image searches. And I didn't find an easy way to reach out to him.

I agree with Phillip.  I think that he has found the rest of the unicorn's tail, and that it tells a tale.


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