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Morphological classiness

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A Laffer Curve for communication

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(d|br)e(p|ad)th first search

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Linguists' "inscrutable grudge"?

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "Linguists, settling some inscrutable grudge, have been steadily sneaking more backdated synonyms for 'sharing borders' into the dictionary. They've added 'contiguous,' 'coterminous,' 'conterminous,' and next year they're adding 'conterguous.'"

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Diagnosing linguists

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A rare recursive agentive

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A linguist walks into a bear

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "Thank you to Gretchen McCulloch for fielding this question, and sorry that as a result the world's foremost internet linguist has been devoured by the brown one. She will be missed."

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Dialectology in 2020

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Why "deep learning" (sort of) works

A recent SMBC implicitly calls Aristotelian taxonomies into question:

Mouseover title: "Like look at these leaves. 14 oakitudes, minimum."

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Zep Broondar, Star Wars Linguist

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Synonym date

Yesterday's xkcd:

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Goldilocks and the three styles of explanation

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "I'm like a vampire, except I'm not crossing that threshold even if you invite me."

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Autological Words

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