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Tesseract Space Stone

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Language was a mistake?

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Frankensteining frankensteined frankensteins

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Buffalo shit

The last two panels of today's SMBC:

For background, see "Buffaloing buffalo", 1/20/2005.

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Self Awareness

It's been so long since I posted that my to-blog list is on the verge of self-awareness, as prefigured in this SMBC comic:

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Semantic drift

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Shakespeare on The Former Guy?

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Grammarical Failings

Yesterday's Pearls Before Swine:

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Equal representation in the halls of quackery

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A new norm

A recent xkcd suggests the geothmetic meandian:

Mouseover title: "Pythagorean means are nice and all, but throwing the median in the pot is really what turns this into random forest statistics: applying every function you can think of, and then gradually dropping the ones that make the result worse."

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Trouble at participle headquarters

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