Mirabile scriptu: fake kanji created by AI

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Amazing!  Wonderful!

Getting inside the mind of a computer.

For deeper exposure, I warmly recommend that you read some of the following tweets in the thread.  An especially great one is that for "Elon Musk", for which all you need to know to interpret it is that 王 (pronounced wáng) means "king".

Now go think like a computer confronting the Chinese writing system.


Selected readings


A Note Regarding the Significance of the Name "Mirabile Scriptu"

see box on p. 10 here


[Thanks to Norman Leung]

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  1. ~flow said,

    January 8, 2023 @ 6:09 am

    Some of these look great and rather plausible! Gotta like that kanji for Elmu, it's like "a king, just bigger", quite fitting. And don't show the God charakter to our beloved leaders over in P.K. lest they adopt it, what with its connotations "China is like God, but doing it straight / upright" "God is China (with a twist)". Also, skyscraper: metal on the outside, an overly high storied thing, spire on the top.

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