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Following up on my post about the often-puzzling semantics of the pattern “No NOUN is too ADJECTIVE to VERB”, here’s an up-to-date list of LL postings on a cluster of related topics, which I will keep updated as the years roll by:

Negated, or not” 1/21/2004
I challenge anyone to refute that this negative is not unnecessary” 1/21/2004
Challenge as negation” 1/23/2004
Too complex to avoid judgment?” 2/21/2004
Who is to be master?” 2/21/2004
On not avoiding negatives” 2/21/2004
Why are negations so easy to fail to miss?” 2/26/2004
Overnegation supererogation” 3/12/2004
Another overnegation” 4/27/2004
We cannot/must not understate/overstate” 5/26/2004
Another overnegation opportunity: Yet vs. Yet to” 5/31/2004
Overstating understatement” 6/22/2004
Nothing that cannot impede even by failure” 8/16/2004
Rumsfeld overnegates Powell, Powell uses ‘fulsome’ correctly” 11/16/2004
Overnegation alert” 1/11/2005
Still unpacked after all these years” 5/17/2005
Still upacked: threat or menace?” 5/17/2005
The temptation of overnegation” 5/23/2005
Things that are rarely better than they normally are” 10/17/2005
Never anything but less than precise” 10/20/2005
Negation, over- and under-” 12/21/2005
On not emerging unscathed” 3/1/2006
Not doubting that the door could not be opened wider” 6/5/2006
Unlike no other” 7/27/2006
It’s hard not to read this and not do a double-take” 8/1/2006
Been anything so long it looks like not to me” 8/3/2006
The most powerful person no one has ever heard of” 5/23/2006
Not doubting that the door could not be opened wider” 6/5/2006
Overnegation as obfuscation” 8/9/2006
Scalar failure” 3/5/2007
Everyone was spared no mercy” 3/26/2007
Barely missing a chance to overanalyze” 4/1/2007
Total undernegation” 4/17/2007
Before nary an overnegation could be uttered” 5/27/2007
Undernegation of the day” 6/14/2007
Multiplex negatio ferblondiat” 7/14/2007
Weird logic and Bayesian semantics” 7/15/2007
Couldn’t be more” 9/29/2007
I’ll teach you to undernegate!” 12/22/2007
That’ll teach me …” 1/6/2008
Ask Language Log: More or less?” 6/30/2008
The Astonishment Effect in negation” 7/20/2008
Negation plus exclusion: a dangerous pairing” 9/14/2008
Electoral overnegation” 11/5/2008
‘Cannot underestimate’ = ‘must not underestimate’” 11/6/2008
‘Any’ = ‘hardly any’?” 12/26/2008
Still ahead of his time” 2/10/2009
A long time since we did not meet” 2/23/2009
I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t” 2/23/2009
Misunderestimation” 4/4/2009
Candidates must be a student” 4/16/2009
The reality could not be further from the truth” 4/20/2009
Misnegation in the Encyclopedia Britannica” 4/26/2009
Annals of scalar predication” 1/1/2009
The shyness of architects” 4/15/2009
The risk that the taxpayer does not bear a disproportionate burden” 6/24/2009
No detail too small” 11/27/2009
No wug is too dax to be zonged” 11/28/2009
We can’t be second to none”, 1/31/2010
Imprudent not to expect a silver bullet” 2/13/2010
Nothing that wasn’t something one might not hear” 2/25/2010
Undernegation: the truth behind the lie we told one another“, 10/7/2010
Logic Problem“, 10/10/2010
Misnegation of the week“, 11/13/2010
Theological misnegation?“, 11/20/2010
A classic overnegation“, 12/31/2010
Gov. Cuomo and our poor monkey brains“, 1/21/2011
Nos pauvres cerveaux de singe, à la française“, 1/22/2011
The second life of ‘in no uncertain terms‘”, 1/24/2011
Miss not“, 2/3/2011
Not sacrificing anything to prevent anything…not“, 2/20/2011
Much less/Or even“, 2/24/2011
Nothing if not un__“, 7/21/2011
Never no one without Cornish“, 8/1/2011
Everything cannot not be unbelievable, either“, 8/10/2011
Hypernegative ‘miss not’ in Hemingway“, 10/8/2011
Deceptively valuable“, 10/16/2011
Impunity“, 11/10/2011
Never fails: Semantic overachievers“, 12/1/2011
Multiple negation: Over-reaching again”, 12/2/2011
Newt’s negation“, 12/2/2011
No less X“, 2/24/2012
Misnegation of the month“, 5/9/2012
Lacking semantic support from unexpected quarters“, 6/20/2012
…not understating the threat“, 6/5/2012
(Not) Underestimating the Irish Famine“, 9/16/2012
Faster than the speed of negation“, 9/18/2012
Negation: A gamble comes out wrong“, 9/19/2012
‘…Facebook hadn’t been unable to confirm…’“, 9/30/2012
Call in Language Log“, 11/2/2012
This is not to say that I don’t think that it isn’t illogical“, 11/3/2012
Don’t be discouraged from not voting“, 11/6/2012
I don’t see how not to believe that they were [not?] working on the basis of internal polls that were just totally wrong“, 11/12/2012
It’s hard to deny he doesn’t“, 11/16/2012
Nondisunnegativity“, 12/11/2012
Nothing uncontroversial“, 12/21/2012
Misnegation mailbag“, 12/31/2012
Overestimating, underestimating, whatever“, 1/11/2013
Hagel ‘refused to stop efforts to end terrorist attacks’“, 1/10/2013
The turning point for the Piranha brothers“, 1/17/2013
… and should be“, 1/20/2013
There’s no limit to what he won’t do“, 2/16/2013
‘All but’ = ‘nothing but’“, 2/24/2013
CIA unable to underestimate the effect of drone war“, 4/7/2013
“‘…to help them avoid staying out of jail“, 4/29/2013
Misnegation of the week“, 5/17/2013
Misnegation or term of art?“, 5/21/2013
But for …“, 6/26/2013
Little doubt it wouldn’t“, 7/9/2013
No less indisputably not going to work“, 8/7/2013
Not anybody who doesn’t think it won’t“, 9/29/2013
‘Neither is refusing to budge an inch’“, 10/5/2013
‘Record low levels of unpopularity’“, 10/12/2013
That missing lack of magnanimity“, 11/8/2013
The flood that no one has been unable to stem“, 2/15/2014
‘Impossible to understate’ again“, 3/1/2014
‘Hard to understate’“, 3/19/2014
The Estimation Game“, 4/3/2014
Another misunderestimator“, 5/9/2014
I wouldn’t be surprised if few have yet to realize this“, 6/1/2014
Should we stop people from not doing this?“, 8/1/2014
The things neither of them don’t do“, 9/17/2014
Failure not to make payment“, 9/30/2014
They haven’t proven they’re not afraid of anyone not named Bumgarner. Or have they?“, 10/29/2014
It’s not for (lack of (not)) trying“, 4/21/2015
‘There’s not a player who doesn’t deserve it less’“, 5/5/2015
New frontiers in multiple negation“, 7/14/2015
Hyperbolic scalar indifference“, 7/14/2015
How can you (not) help but (not) __?“, 8/9/2015
Inverting inversely“, 9/26/2015
Denying that the earth is not flat“, 10/11/2015
‘It didn’t fail to disappoint’“, 11/29/2015
Negation density record“, 2/18/2015
Negative stereotypes, utterly destroyed?“, 3/4/2016
Misnegations, or scribal errors?“, 4/13/2016
‘Wasn’t most certainly not resorting’?“, 4/16/2016
(Not) too P to Q“, 4/24/2016
One can’t deny that it isn’t comforting“, 4/29/2016
A ban wouldn’t make it hard to what?“, 6/15/2016
Illusion“, 6/25/2016
Misnegation correction“, 6/28/2016
Indistinguishable misnegation“, 7/23/2016
Never not stop… uhh… Come again?“, 8/3/2016
‘I don’t think you cannot deny someone the right to speak out’“, 8/30/2016
Good to know“, 9/23/2016
No telling is neither complete nor accurate“, 9/25/2016
Negative concord at the New Republic?“, 10/4/2016
‘Despite an initial reluctance to withhold comment’“, 12/16/2016
Denying that he was not anti-gay or anti-women“, 1/19/2017
If we have learned nothing in this election“, 3/13/2017
‘Far beyond unconventional levels of dishonesty’“, 3/21/2017
‘No underestimating the headache’“, 4/1/2017
Blasphemous“, 4/4/2017
Not very difficult at all“, 5/14/2017



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