Korean pot food in southern Taiwan

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2017 photo of a Kaohsiung storefront courtesy of Mark Eaglesfield:

Signage on the first floor:

Jǐn Hán shítáng


Rose of Sharon South Korea Dining Hall



Rose of Sharon (the national flower of South Korea)

Hánshì liàolǐ / Kanshiki ryōri


Korean Cuisine

Signage on the second floor:

Tàijí guō


Pot of the Great Ultimate

hanguk jjigae


Korean stew

Hánshì guōwù / Kanshiki nabemono


Korean Hotpot

Almost forgot!  The human figure inside of the circle on both floors looks like Kim Jung Un, but these are South Korean establishments, so I can't figure out what he would be doing in their signage.

Thematically, the figure is also reminiscent of Mr. Mark, Mr. Brown, and Beard Papa, whom we discussed in a recent post.

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[Thanks to Haewon Cho]

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  1. AntC said,

    December 3, 2023 @ 5:07 pm

    I can't figure out what he [Kim Jung Un] would be doing in their signage.

    How many immediately recognisable Koreans can you name (or rather depict)? Or more particularly, can a Kaohsiung-er name? There's all those boy bands, but I suspect their fan-base wouldn't be the main target customers. (Also they all look identical and have instantly forgettable names. I apologise for my ignorance to any devotees who might be lurking here.)

    There seem to be a bazillion South Korean actresses, and S.Korean soaps are hugely popular in Taiwan. Would a picture be distinctively Korean enough? Also there might be copyright/royalty difficulties. I can't imagine Kim Jung Un's heavies would bother to come knocking.

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