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’Tis the season to announce seasonal schools. Geoff Pullum announced a short course on grammar for language technologists as part of a winter school in Tarragona next month, and Mark Liberman announced a call for course proposals for the LSA's Linguistic Institute in summer 2013. But what if you can't make it to Tarragona next month, and can't wait a year and a half to get your seasonal school fix? Well, I have just the school for you!

Yes, the North American Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (NASSLLI), which will be held June 18-22 at UT Austin. In my admittedly biased opinion (I am the school's stressed but excited director) will be totally and amazingly intellectually intense and fantastic:

  • 18 graduate level courses + 3 conferences/workshops… and yet more TBA;
  • Interdisciplinary mixture of highly nutritious linguistics, computer science, logic, philosophy, and psychology;
  • Courses and workshops not only from Language Log's own Chris Potts (Extracting Social Meaning and Sentiment), but also from: Johan van Benthem (Logical Dynamics), Craige Roberts (Questions in Discourse), Noah Goodman (Stochastic Lambda Calculus), Mark Steedman (Combinatory Categorial Grammar), Catherine Legg (Possible Worlds), Adam Lopez (Statistical Machine Translation), Eric Pacuit (Social Choice Theory), Valeria de Paiva & Ulrik Buchholtz (Category Theory), Adam Pease (Ontology Development), Ede Zimmermann (Intensionality), Thomas Icard (Surface Reasoning), Nina Gierasimczuk (Belief Revision Meets Formal Learning Theory), Jonathan Ginzburg & Robin Cooper (Type Theory for Natural Language Semantics), Jeroen Groenendijk & Floris Roelofsen (Inquisitive Semantics), Shalom Lappin (Computational Semantics), Tandy Warnow (Phylogenetic Trees), Hans Kamp & Mark Sainsbury (Vagueness and Context), Steve Wechsler & Eric McCready (Indexicality and Expressives);
  • Students choose up to five courses, each running 5 days * 90 mins, and get free conference registration into the bargain;
  • A special Turing Symposium will commemorate the centenary of Turing's birth (hence the cool steampunk Turing Machine on our poster) on Sat june 23, and will include talks from mathematician Martin Davis and computational linguist/cryptanalyst Kevin Knight;
  • $195 academic rate for all 5 days, and cheap dorm accommodation available, but if you can't afford that…
  • This being the season of giving, we are giving away 50 student scholarships, to include not only the registration fees, and accommodation, but also $$$ towards your travel costs.

You can sign up for registration and scholarships online now. But hurry… this school will fill up to capacity, and I'm predicting the scholarships will all be gone within a couple of months.

Oh, and I want to ask all of you a big favor. Schools like NASSLLI can make a huge difference in a junior scholar's life, as I remember well from my own formative years as a graduate student. So it's very important that we get information about the school out. Please pass on information about NASSLLI (e.g. by sending this link) to anyone you think might be interested, and follow us, circlify us, and say you'll attend us on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, respectively. And bring your friends!

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  1. Eneri Rose said,

    January 1, 2012 @ 3:19 pm

    The links to and within the NASSLLI 2012 website keep blowing-up on me. When I click on one of their links, I get a window saying "Windows has stopped working".

    Please could you email nasslli@nasslli2012.com, and let us know the configuration you are using (operating system and browser)? And if anyone else has had similar problems, or other questions about the summer school, please also email nasslli@nasslli2012.com.
    – David Beaver

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