Why learn Cantonese and one way to do it

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Anne Henochowicz, who for years was a mainstay at China Digital Times, and whom I have often cited on Language Log, has decided to branch out from Mandarin and tackle another important Sinitic language, Cantonese.

Check out her new blog:  "I'm Learning Cantonese:  Teaching Myself a Second Chinese Language".

If you've ever had an inclination to learn Cantonese, this might be a good time to start.  I'm sure that Anne would warmly welcome (jit6 lit6 fun1 jing4 熱烈歡迎) you on her journey.  If you share your experiences, it undoubtedly will speed up the acquisition experience for all who join in.

For some Language Log resources on Cantonese, see here, and especially check out this post.

Smooth sailing (jat1 faan4 fung1 seon6 一帆风顺 / jat1 lou6 seon6 fung1 一路順風)!

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