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English orthography is fake news

Today's Non Sequitur:

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Hell of slow

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Sociolinguistically aware smartphone

Today's xkcd, with a "cot-caught merger switch":

Rumored in the XKCD Phone 6: a "Northern Cities Shift slider".


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Two tons of creamed corn

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "Sure, you could just ask, but this also takes care of the host gift thing."

Unless of course they have Google Home. In which case apparently the thing to do is to ask about the communist coup that Obama is planning…

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Poetry and reality

Today's SMBC:

Mouseover title: "New rule: Anyone referring to X as the poetry of Y must have actually ever read a poem."

Not strictly relevant to the Neil deGrasse Tyson discussion, since linguistics is a science and all. But still.

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Homophonous phrase of the week

Wondermark for 1/24/2017, In which a Run is made:

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More than cat videos

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At the Bar of Discarded Books

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Gavagai and TZQQA

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From John Allison's Scary Go Round for 12/23/2016:

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The Ghost of Christmas Future Imperfect

Fritz Ruehr sent a cartoon that he found this morning on reddit:

The spirit is willing, though the grammar is weak …

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Adjective foods

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "Contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance!"

See "Modification as social anxiety", 5/16/2004.

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