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Vowels and consonants

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Girl talk

"Girl Talk: What’s more annoying — vocal fry or the way we criticize how women speak?", by Sophie Goldstein, in The Nib ("Political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction").

Also see xkcd on "How it works".

Unfortunately, several of the associated audio clips seem to be missing (e.g. here and here), and some others load for me but then don't produce any sound. I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the clips, or a problem with the "thing link" service used to add them to the images.

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Alien metrics

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Linguists get tough on promoting language change

The latest xkcd, at

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Social change

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Outdorking word-dorks

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Creative overnegation

Today's Zits:

…plus the obligatory link to the Misnegation Archive.

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Assortative peeving

Girls With Slingshots for 12/23/2014:

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Frazz continues to explore vocabulary and its measurement:

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A tiny, delicate thesaurus

The latest Frazz:

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"… go all __ on you …"

Geoff Pullum wrote ("Adverbing, verbing, and adjectiving", 11/5/2014):

… for the most part what you get in the go all ____ on you [frame] is adjective-headed phrases …

While I hardly ever disagree with Geoff, my intuition said otherwise in this case, so I checked.

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Adverbing, verbing, and adjectiving

"I don't want to go all language nerd on you," says the female character in today's xkcd cartoon, "but I just legit adverbed 'legit', verbed 'adverb', and adjectived 'language nerd'." Is she correct?

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Academic punctuation

Today's PhD Comics:

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