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Do humans actually understand speech?

Or are they just programmed to act like they do? Today's SMBC asks (and answers) the analogous question about emotions:

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Today's Pearls Before Swine explores the consequences of flapping and voicing in American English:

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Standards of evidence

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Phonology in the comics

Today's Frazz deals with the phenomenon of flapping/voicing in American English:

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"I think __"

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Trump® brand insults

The first two panels of today's Doonesbury:

Previous coverage of this issue: "The Trump Insult Haiku", 2/29/2016; "Trump reviews", 3/17/2016.

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Sentence meaning and speaker meaning

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An impressive moustache

Alon Lichinsky sent in a link to this P.C. Hipsta comic:

And a reminder of another attachment ambiguity joke:

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Semantic differential: Podium or lectern?

Today's xkcd illustrates a technique pioneered by Bill Labov:

Mouseover title: "BREAKING: Senator's bold pro-podium stand leads to primary challenge from prescriptivist base."

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Good question

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Theory of Mind

In yesterday's Questionable Content, the "combat AI" Bubbles rejects the gift of a collapsible cardigan. The first couple of panels:

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