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What auto-replace — in a messaging app or your mind — do you need to turn off or turn on?

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Interesting that we haven't seen "datums", like "spectrums" and so on.

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Orthography and meaning

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Recursive philosophy of science

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Recursive romantics

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Mouseover title: "And on the pedestal these words appear: "And on the pedestal these words appear: "And on the pedestal these words appear: "And …"

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Spice lists

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A thankless job

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New frontiers in multiple negation

Dave Itzkoff, "Berkeley Breathed Publishes First New ‘Bloom County’ Strip Since 1989", 7/13/2015:

[I]t was a surprise for comics fans to wake up on Monday and discover that Berkeley Breathed, the Pulitzer Prize-winning creator and artist of “Bloom County,” had revived that vintage 1980s strip on his Facebook page after a hiatus of more than 25 years (depending on how one measures) and with almost no advance notice.

The advance notice consisted of a post  on July 12, showing a picture of the cartoonist working on a strip labelled "BLOOM COUNTY 2015" and showing Opus the penguin in the first panel, with the text "A return after 25 years. Feels like going home."

This dialogue followed:

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Past tense troubles

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Know your linguistic philosophies

Today's SMBC:

Click on the image (or go to the SMBC site) to see the Descriptivist and the Pragmatist…

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Hating Mondays more than Garfield

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