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Risk Coffin Crash Blossom

Nick Edwards, "Analysis: China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin", Reuters 4/14/2012.

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Crash blossom of the week

"Chinese cooking fat heads for Holland", 3/27/2012.

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Gnostic crash blossom

"Does Donald Trump support matter?", Special Report w/ Bret Baier, Fox News 2/2/2012. John Crowley's reponse: Well what's the alternative, thought I.  Denouncing matter?  Indifference to matter?   The Gnostics used to argue over it…

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Unambiguous crash blossom

This one isn't ambiguous, as far as I can tell — it just doesn't mean what the headline writer wanted it to mean: "Buried Alive Fiance Gets 20 Years in Prison", ABC News 1/13/2012.

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Rare Finnish Crash Blossom

From Miika Sillanpää: A Finnish tabloid presented this beautiful crash blossom today: Disregarding the tragic subject, it can be read either as "Father kills his daughter's dog with hammer" OR "Father kills his daughter with dog's hammer" Well-tended crash blossoms such as this are exceedingly rare in the Finnish-language media, so it was a pretty […]

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Crash Blossom Quiz of the Week

Courtesy of Stephen Bullon in East Sussex, here's a headline to test your crash blossom mettle: Bright sparks weather gala night power cut to party on Stephen didn't send a scan, and the article doesn't appear (yet?) on the paper's web site, but apparently it was actually printed in the physical version. It took me […]

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The Beeb's latest crash blossom

BBC News is a reliable source for the misleading headlines we know as crash blossoms (e.g., here, here, here). The latest comes to us via a Twitter tip from Ben Lillie, who retweeted Mikko Hypponen's double-take: "What took down the US drone? Iranian TV shows did! Or maybe I'm misreading this." Here's the headline: Iranian […]

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Crash Blossom of the day

Benjamin Cusack, "Sex Quiz Cricket Ace in Hotel Suicide Leap", The Sun, 11/14/2011.

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Lightning strike crash blossom

Josh Fruhlinger sends along a sublime crash blossom from BBC News: "Dog helps lightning strike Redruth mayor." Requisite screenshot in case it changes:

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Crash blossom of the week

"Virginia Beach man accused of decapitating son to stay in hospital", (Newport News) Daily Press, 9/26/2011.

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A bouquet of crash blossoms

Well, two, anyway. From reader AH, who wrote "Even though I've been following the (deeply disturbing) story, it took me at least three tries before I parsed the headline correctly": Amount cheerleader who refused to cheer rapist required to pay reduced And from reader DM: Snakes in underwear smuggler fined $400

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Kiwi crash blossom

The crash blossom of the day comes to us from Rebekah Macdonald via Twitter. This headline appeared on the New Zealand news site Police chase driver in hospital Of course, the police didn't chase a driver in a hospital, like some wacky action movie sequence. The subject of the headline is "police chase driver," […]

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Today's crash blossoms

Here's one sent in by Jeffrey Kallberg:

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