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A new kanji for tapioca

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"Say less"

Over the past decade or so, "say less" has spread as a substitute for "say no more". Here's part of a Facebook ad from a Bellvue WA restaurant — "Soup Dumpling Delivery, say less!":

The Urban Dictionary entries along similar lines go back to 2011.

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The infinitude of Chinese characters

In response to the previous post, "More completely new sinographs from Hong Kong" (9/8/20), John Rohsenow remarks:

I can see that it would be easy to use these "new" characters on hand-written posters, but how does one do it on line, or in printed form?

One would have to "zao zi", (Lit. 'construct [a] character') out of various component parts, which is doable, but not convenient.

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