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Spring is sprung

The start of today's newsletter from Amy Stoller:

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Ask Ricky the Dialect Dog

Amy Stoller is a dialect coach operating out of New York City, known among many other things for her work with Anna Deavere Smith. This valuable advice is from her November newsletter — reprinted with permission.

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Did Yale unflatten Jennifer Beals' A's?

Coby Lubliner was puzzled by this passage in Ginia Bellafante's review of Jennifer Beals in Chicago Code ("Stirring Chicago's Corruption Stockpot", NYT 2/6/2011): On cable we might also have received a police superintendent with the creased skin and poor muscle-to-fat ratio to actually look like a bureaucrat. At 47 Ms. Beals remains ageless and stunning, […]

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Two notes on Three Sisters

Last night, I saw an excellent performance of Chekhov's Three Sisters at the Vortex Theater in Albuquerque. I had never seen this play before, and based on descriptions of the plot, I didn't really expect to like it very much, but in fact I thought it was brilliant, in ways that are not captured by […]

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