Major Linguistic Faux Pas in Chinese Football Association PPT

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The Chinese Football Association used dǎngguó 党国 ("party state" — nettlesome term to be explained fully below) in a powerpoint on its plans for '24. Awkward political illiteracy! 

Here's a screenshot.

Here's the line of text above the photographic image:

Zhōngguó zúxié bù huì yòng cí bùyào luànyòng@zhōngguó zúxié


"If the Chinese Football Association does not know how to use expressions properly, they should not use them recklessly. @Chinese Football Association"

Here is what is written on the slide in the ppt:

Nǔlì fāngxiàng
(jǐn gōng yántǎo) 
zúqiú zhènxīng = dǎngguó fàngxīn + rénmín mǎnyì + shìchǎng rènkě

足球振兴 = 党国放心+人民满意+市场认可

Direction of effort
(for discussion purposes only)
Football revitalization = reassurance of the party and state + satisfaction of the people + market recognition

The issue lies in the contemporary use of Chinese, particularly on the internet, where “dǎngguó 党国” is often employed mockingly to reference the dictatorship of the KMT during the Republican Era (one of Sun Yat-sen’s founding principles in the "Guómín zhèngfǔ jiànguó dàgāng 国民政府建国大纲" [“Nationalist Government’s Nation Building Program”], and the Nationalists also had the slogan “Yǐ dǎng zhìguó 以党治国” ["to rule the country through the party"]).  In contrast, current mainstream propaganda consistently uses “ràng dǎng hé guójiā fàngxīn 让党和国家放心” to convey a similar message of “letting the Party and the Nation rest assured.” This indicates a misappropriation of the abbreviation.

Selected readings

[Thanks to Alexander Boyd, Zhengyuan Wang, Annie Wang,  Xinyan Chen, and Zhaofei Chen]


  1. John Swindle said,

    December 1, 2023 @ 3:40 am

    Funny! Should they have spelled out "党和国家放心" (the party and the state reassured), or would "党与国放心" (party and country reassured) or "党、国放心" (party, country, reassured) have sufficed?

  2. Joshua K. said,

    December 1, 2023 @ 1:16 pm

    I realize that China is a Communist country and some aspects of life are quite different from the Western countries. But what is going on in the Chinese soccer world that the first element of football revitalization is supposed to be "reassuring the Party and the state"? Have footballers been expressing the "wrong" political views?

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