"God bless his heart"

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Alex Isenstadt, "Louisiana delivers Trump a black eye", Politico 11/17/2019:

President Donald Trump campaigned hard in three conservative Southern states this fall, aiming for a string of gubernatorial wins that would demonstrate his political strength heading into impeachment and his own reelection effort.

The plan backfired in dramatic fashion.

The latest black eye came on Saturday, when Trump's favored candidate in Louisiana, multimillionaire businessman Eddie Rispone, went down to defeat. The president went all-in, visiting the state three times, most recently on Thursday.

See also Rick Rojas and Jeremy Alford, "In Louisiana, a Narrow Win for John Bel Edwards and a Hard Loss for Trump", NYT 11/16/2019.

John Bel Edwards' victory speech mentioned Trump's intervention briefly, after praising his opponent:

The sum total of his message about Donald Trump:

Those not clued in to this aspect of the culture of the American south can read all about it in "'Bless your heart'", 4/1/2016 — which starts with another instance of "bless [his] heart" directed at Donald Trump, that one from Nikki Haley.

Update — Walt Wolfram writes:

Nice piece on "bless your heart." It's been the favorite button choice of people at the State Fair for a decade and the topic of lots of comments. Attached is a video of one of these discussions.


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