Update on the search for immigrant-aid interpreters

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Let me try to pull together the information from my previous two posts, and add information that I'm seeing on Twitter. I will update this as I get more information.

Service-providers looking for interpreters. Much of the interpreting that is needed can be done by phone, so geographic location shouldn't be an issue.

RAICES: volunteer@raicestexas.org.

American Immigration Council. The person to contact is Crystal Massey, but the website doesn't give her email address. The general "Contact Us" page is here. (Added June 24, 2018.)

Service-providers that might need interpreters. These are names of groups that someone posted on Twitter; I don't know whether they're actually looking for interpreters.

Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project.
CARA Family Detention Project.
Immigration Justice Campaign.
Tahirih Justice Center.
The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights.
Justice for our Neighbors Houston.
Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services.
Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center.
Kids in Need of Defense.
Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

Groups acting as clearinghouses to match interpreters with service-providers

Lawyers for Good Government: support@l4gg.org.

Interpreter Brigade – Brigada Intérpretes  This is a Facebook group organized by Esther Navarro-Hall, whose Twitter handle is @MmeInterpreter .

American Gateways. This is a group in Texas that operates a volunteer network. I don't know whether they're specifically looking for interpreters to deal with the current crisis.

Possible sources of interpreters.

Maya Interpreters is an interpretation service that specializes in Maya languages. I haven't contacted them and can't speak on their behalf, but it's possible that they'd be willing to provide some services pro bono, or alternatively, some of their interpreters might be willing to volunteer on their own time.


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