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Dinosaur wine tasting

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Noise and bias

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Dinosaur intonation

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Morphological logic (gates)

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Trash talk

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Cultural evolution

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The Genius Gene

Panel 3 of today's SMBC displays a caricature of Nicholas Wade:

(That's not really supposed to represent Mr. Wade, as far as I know — but for why you might think so, see the list of past posts below…)

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"Leave my emotions alone"

I've been going through old boxes of paper, looking for (the very small fraction of) stuff that I want to keep, and recycling the rest. I'm uncovering many interesting memories, as well as a few things that I have no recollection of at all. Representing the latter category is a faded xerox of the cartoon reproduced below. From the surrounding strata, my copy can be dated to 1988.

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Tesseract Space Stone

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Language was a mistake?

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Frankensteining frankensteined frankensteins

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Buffalo shit

The last two panels of today's SMBC:

For background, see "Buffaloing buffalo", 1/20/2005.

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Self Awareness

It's been so long since I posted that my to-blog list is on the verge of self-awareness, as prefigured in this SMBC comic:

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