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Dialect map

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover text: "There's one person in Missouri who says "carbo bev" who the entire rest of the country HATES." alt="Carbonated Beverage Language Map"

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Alex on the evolution of linguistic culture

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The correct amount of bad

The last two panels of today's Dumbing of Age:

Walky has a good point about "too bad". But the last panel is also a good example of emphatic even — see

"What does 'even' even mean?", 2/8/2011
"Can they even prove that?", 5/24/2011
"Even again", 10/21/2011
"Annals of even", 10/4/2013

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Robot love

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New ideas in social media

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Philosophical CAPTCHA

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Functional naming

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Inductive logic

Today's SMBC:


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Style? Stance? What?

Yesterday's SMBC:

Mouse-over title: "The emeritus will take 4 hours telling you about a trip to Africa that happened 40 years ago."

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An xkcd for Geoff Nunberg

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Political physics

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Easing burdensome regulations

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All too true

Today's xkcd:

Mouseover title: "Cauchy-Lorentz: "Something alarmingly mathematical is happening, and you should probably pause to Google my name and check what field I originally worked in.""


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