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Hey Geoff (Pullum),…

In MS Word, buried deep in File|Options|Advanced|Compatibility Options|Layout is the option to check 'Do full justification the way WordPerfect 6.x for Windows does'". If you use full justification, your document will look ugly unless you check that box.

Does that qualify as a form of nerdview?

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Bleg: Varieties of Spanish

Neville Ryant and I are experimenting with the use of audiobooks to study linguistic variation. As a contribution to that research, we'd like to ask Spanish-speaking readers to give their opinions about fifteen short samples, using an interactive survey posted here.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Reading lips and tongues

From a colleague in the Netherlands:

A student of mine has developed a questionnaire in order to assess how good people are in reading lips and tongue movement. Since I think effects are relatively small, it would be good to get many people judging the short movies.

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