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Homophonous phrase of the week

Wondermark for 1/24/2017, In which a Run is made:

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Poetical etymologies

Wondermark #829, 4/20, "In which pepper is explained":

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"Passive voice" in the comics

Panels two and three (of six) from David Malki's most recent Illustrated Jocularity, "The Wish of the Starhorse":

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The communicative properties of footwear

Two Cathy strips on this topic that I've been saving up:

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Well, Spore is out, and a certain 12-year-old of my acquaintance is well into the tribal stage already. But there's an important evolutionary transition, identified in David Malki's latest Wondermark strip, that Will Wright hasn't allowed for: (Click on the image for a larger version.)

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Grumpy Grammar Gus

David Malki's Wondermark takes on grammar peeves: (Hat tip to Bruce Webster.)  

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