Corgi fighting words

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Viral video of two corgis exchanging angry barks:

Dubbed in Mandarin:

Here are a transcription and translation of the subtitles:

Xiǎo hēi: Gàn ma?!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Nǐ jiào gè pì!

Xiǎo hēi: Bùyào yītiān dào wǎn bǎ lǎozi dīngzhe, nǐ zhè zhǐ zhū!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Nǐ…nǐ…nǐ yào…duì wǒ gànshénme?

Gǔn! (Ń? Tā gāngcái hǎoxiàng shuō wǒ shì zhū?!)


Xiǎo hēi: Lǎozi zài chī mǎngmǎng! Nǐ jiào gè máo! Nǐ zhège guā sǒng!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Nǐ gāngcái shuō shéi shì zhū a? A!!

Xiǎo hēi: Érqiě nǐ de mǎngmǎng méi wǒ de hào chī

Xiǎo qiǎn: Hēng!

Xiǎo hēi: Nǐ!

Nǐ bǎ wǒ de mǎngmǎng gěi tōu chīle ma! (Xī qì)

Xiǎo qiǎn: A, duì a! Zěnme yàng!

Xiǎo hēi: Wǒ yào bǎ nǐ zhōuwéi de kōngqì chī gānjìng, bǎ nǐ biē sǐ!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Lái a! Yǎo wǒ a!

Shǎle ba!  Yī kǒuqì shuō zhème duō huà chàdiǎn bǎ zìjǐ gěi biē sǐ…

yǎo nǐ

Xiǎo hēi: Lái

Xiǎo qiǎn: A

Xiǎo hēi: Lǎozi jīntiān shàngle fā tiáole! Bǎ nǐ kōngqì chī guāng!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Guā wázi, guā sǒng! Jìxù jiào!

Xiǎo hēi: Hǎo lèi a, bùxíngle! Háishì chīfàn ba!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Lái chǎojià!

Xiǎo hēi: Lái a

Xiǎo qiǎn: Nǐ jiào a

Xiǎo hēi: Miāo!

Jiào gè jīr!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Hēng méijìn…

gǎitiān zài chǎo

Xiǎo hēi: Gàn ma

Xiǎo qiǎn: Xiǎo jīr

(nǐ bùshì yào jiào gè jīr ma, gěi nǐ dài láile)

wǒ yào bǎ tā! (chī diào!) Lái chī kòng qì a!

Xiǎo hēi: Lǎo zǐ xiànzài zhǐ chīfànle!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Ào jiāo!

Kuài lái! Wǒ jiù bǎ xiǎo jīr gěi nǐ jiào!

Xiǎo hēi: (Xiǎo jī) wǒ sòng nǐle!

Kěyǐ bǎ, ná qù gǔn!

Xiǎo qiǎn: A? Wǒ yào chīle tā āi! Yǒule!

Xiǎo hēi: Yòu zěnme? Kuài fàng!

Guā sǒng zhū, xiào máo!

Xiǎo qiǎn: Bǎ nǐ de fàn qiǎngle nǐ jiù zhǐ néng chī kòngqì le!

Xiǎo hēi: Āiyā! Qiǎng gè jī!

小黑: 干嘛?!

小浅: 你叫个屁!

小黑: 不要一天到晚把老子盯着,你这只猪!

小浅: 你…你…你要…对我干什么?



小黑: 老子在吃莽莽!你叫个毛!你这个瓜怂!

小浅: 你刚才说谁是猪啊?啊!!

小黑: 而且你的莽莽没我的好吃

小浅: 哼!

小黑: 你!


小浅: 啊,对啊!怎么样!

小黑: 我要把你周围的空气吃干净,把你憋死!

小浅: 来啊!咬我啊!












小黑: 喵!


小浅:  哼没劲…


小黑:  干嘛

小浅:  小鸡儿





小黑:  老子现在只吃饭了!

小浅:   傲娇!




小浅:  啊?我要吃了他


小黑:  又怎么?快放!


小浅:  把你的饭抢了你就只能吃空气了!

小黑:  哎呀!抢个鸡!

Blackie:  What?

Fawnie:   What the hell are you yelling for?

Blackie:  Don’t stare at your old dad all day long! You swine!

Fawnie:  What…what…what…are you gonna do to me?

Scram! (Huh? It seems he just said that I am a swine?!)


Blackie:  Your old dad is eating his chow! What the devil are you yelling for? You wuss!

Fawnie:  Just now who did you say is a swine?  Eh?

Blackie:  And your food is not as tasty as mine!

Fawnie:  Humph!

Blackie:  You! Did you sneak some of my food?  (Inhales)

Fawnie:  Ah!  Right!  So what?

Blackie:  I'm gonna inhale all the air around you and smother you.

Fawnie:  Come on! Bite me!

You fool!

You nearly suffocated yourself to death by saying so many words at a breath. Bite you!

Blackie:  Come on!

Fawnie:  Huh?

Blackie:  Your old dad is all wound up today.  I'm gonna inhale all your air!

Fawnie:  Dolt!  Wuss!  Keep yelling!

Blackie:  This is so tiresome!  Won't work!  Better go back to eating my food.

Fawnie:  Come here and argue with me!

Blackie:  Come on!

Fawnie:  Just keep yelling!

Blackie:  Miaow! What the heck are you cackling about?

Fawnie:  Humph!  This is so boring.  I will argue with you again some other day.

Blackie:  What do you want?

Fawnie:  Didn't you want to cackle?  I'll bring it to you.  I'm gonna (eat it)!  Come eat the air!

Blackie:  Your old dad is just eating his food now.

Fawnie:  Arrogant!

Blackie:  Come here right now.  I'll let you cackle.

Fawnie:  (Chick.)  I'll give it to you.

Blackie:  All right.  Take it and scram!

Fawnie:  Huh?  I want to eat it.  Eh!  I have (an idea)!

Blackie:  What now?  Spit it out!

Wuss pig!  What the devil are you laughing at?

Fawnie:  [If I] snatch your bowl, you will only have air to eat!

Blackie:  Ai ya!  Grab a chick!

The dialog is made more colorful by the use of topolectal expressions, such as Sichwanese chī mǎngmǎng 吃莽莽 for "to eat" and guāsǒng 瓜怂 ("moron") from Shaanxi speech.

This Corgi argument reminds me somewhat of this famous dialogue between two human babies, the difference being that the babies are happy and the Corgis are angy.:

[Thanks to Gábor Ugray and Zeyao Wu]


  1. Chas Belov said,

    January 20, 2019 @ 5:29 pm

    Odd, the main page is showing a completely different video in the excerpt. I'm also not getting any subtitles, even after clicking the CC button.

  2. David Morris said,

    January 20, 2019 @ 5:37 pm

    The first video is titled 'Sibling Rivalry' and the transcript of the second uses 'your old dad'. Is there any information or guesses as to the relationship between the two dogs? Blackie seems older and bigger.

  3. Waldron said,

    January 20, 2019 @ 5:53 pm

    These are Pembrokes docked high strung as owned by Mrs Queen Cardigans have brushes are calmer yet better watchdogs as owned by me. Some listening comprehesion of Chinese but they speak with impossible accents. I rate the Cardi as best in show- always. Arthur. Look up etymology. Plural of Corgi is Corgwyn. Welsh looks hard! Arthur

  4. Victor Mair said,

    January 20, 2019 @ 6:49 pm

    If you're having difficulty seeing the second video, the one with the Mandarin dubbing, try this URL:

  5. SFrankel said,

    January 20, 2019 @ 8:16 pm


    lege melior: corgwn ('corgwn' means "dwarf dogs'; 'corgwyn' would mean 'white dwarf')

    (Welsh isn't particularly hard, as these things go, but the plural forms of nouns are mostly not predictable.)

  6. David L said,

    January 20, 2019 @ 10:34 pm

    The first video confirms my long-held belief that Corgis are barky, bitey, yappy little dogs, and best avoided.

  7. Victor Mair said,

    January 21, 2019 @ 6:12 pm

    I've never seen a single Corgi that behaved in this snarling, barking way. All the Corgis I've seen are placid and derpy (I've been compared to Corgis for that reason).

  8. David L said,

    January 21, 2019 @ 9:09 pm

    I should confess that my 'long-held belief' derives entirely from an unpleasant incident that happened when I was about nine years old.

  9. stephen said,

    January 21, 2019 @ 10:44 pm

    Both videos had a banner which read, click to start blocking ads. I didn't click them, and I wondered if it would work, or is it spam? But when I reloaded the page one video had the banner and the other didn't. Did anybody else click those?

  10. Kyle said,

    January 23, 2019 @ 1:56 am

    Probably spam. I've been using Adblock Plus for years. I have never seen a YouTube ad in videos since I installed it (YouTube probably hates me). It works on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on desktops, at least, and doesn't slow down your computer.

    The only downside is a few news sites, like The Orange County Register, Business Insider, and the San Jose Mercury News, won't let you access their sites unless you whitelist them. I choose not to, but reserve a dedicated browser, Opera, with no Adblock Plus installed, for that, in case there is something particularly newsworthy I wish to read. A few other sites ask me to whitelist them, such as the Detroit Free Press, but I just click no and proceed to read them.

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