Get Fuzzy '05

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[Background: in inventorying postings with linguistically interesting cartoons, for a Language of Comics project at Stanford (directed by Elizabeth Traugott and me), the project intern has been unearthing postings from Language Log Classic whose image links no longer work. Here's one of Mark Liberman's from 2005 — "Illustrations" of 8/2/05, with two Get Fuzzy strips. I'm reproducing the posting here, with fresh, working links.

Back in 2005, we didn't have comments open on postings. But I've opened them now. Just remember: This posting is by Mark, not me. I'm just a typist.]


Get Fuzzy for 7/29/2005 illustrates creativity with quotations:

And the 8/01/2005 strip exemplifies "What is this 'snowclone' of which you speak?"

[links via Ben Zimmer]

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  1. Kathleen said,

    July 25, 2012 @ 11:12 pm

    Hmm, I've been collecting linguistically interesting comics by the dozens for about 9 years (mostly in hard copy). I would love to see the project and/or donate cartoons if someone is willing to go through them and annotate them for me!

    I have tried using them in a couple of undergraduate intro. to linguistics courses, but have been surprised at how poorly the students seem to "understand" comic-strip humor in general and linguistic jokes in particular. I hope this is limited to the students at my current institution and not a more general tendency….

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