Nuckin Futs

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In other language news today (Language Log tries to bring you all the important linguistic news of the day), an Australian snack food company has won the right to trademark the name Nuckin Futs for a nutty snack to be sold to adults in bars.

Yes, it's a spoonerism that immediately suggests a phrase with an obscene expletive, but lawyer Jamie White made the case that the unspoonerized phrase is familiar to all Australians anyway, and widely current (he's right about that; I've been there).

The Trade Marks Examiner was convinced. Mr Andrew Baker of Sydney was not; he opined that "It's people like this that are responsible for the moral decay in society these days. Not only should the company name not be registered but the man should be fined heavily as well." But the people who think like him are dismissed these days as f… Never mind. His views get dismissed is what I'm saying.

[Hat tip to John Joseph. Comments are cluckin fosed.]

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