Ice cream, fireworks, smiles, and more

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Once again, Dan Jurafsky has been too modest to post a link to his wonderful Language of Food blog. From last month (July 11), on "Ice Cream":

The San Francisco midsummer fog was late in coming this year, which means Janet and I got a fantastic view of the July 4th fireworks (legal and not-strictly-legal) from the top of Bernal Hill. Hot days are rare in San Francisco, so random strangers have been smiling at each other on Mission Street and the lines are extra-long on the sidewalks in front of the ice creameries.

You may not be aware of the close relationships among these summer phenomena. Ice cream was invented by modifying a technology originally discovered for fireworks. And the way ice cream flavors are named turns out to have a surprising relationship with the evolutionary origin of the human smile. (link)

That's the beginning. Check it out.

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