The campaign: Boston College is next

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What does a Language Log blogger who currently lives in Edinburgh do when stranded in Boston, the wrong side of a continent-sized plume of volcanic ash? Some would just hang out in bars, sinking beer after beer and boring fellow customers with increasingly self-pitying descriptions of their plight ("D'you know, I'm a famoush Languidsh Log writer; thish shouldn't be happening to me; there should be shpecial arrangementsh; you shee, I have to get back to Ebbingbr… Edimbr… Edingbrg…"). But not me. I like to work. There is no way I can get out of here with the whole of the north Atlantic area and northern Europe in paralysis, so I'm going over to give a lecture on English grammar at Boston College, 3:30 today (Friday). Title: "The Land of the Free and The Elements of Style; location: Lyons Hall, room 202. Be there. The lecturing will give me something safe and socially useful for me to do, and it will enable me to continue the campaign.

Later, I'll figure out where I will spend the weekend. I must admit that when I discovered this is the weekend of the Boston Marathon, so all the hotels are full, I really did begin to shushpect that thingsh were conshpiring against me… But one thing at a time. First, I figure out how to get to Boston College on the T. It shouldn't be too difficult: there is actually a line named the Boston College Line; that sheemsh highly shignificant…

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