Cabbages & Condoms

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Tom Mazanec's uncle recently came across this sign in a restaurant in Chiang Rai, Thailand:

There was no evidence of parallel wording in Thai, so I began my inquiry by assuming that this is not a translation error, but rather some sort of motto that is saying exactly what it seems to be saying.

Lo and behold, it turns out that this is the slogan of a restaurant called Cabbages & Condoms.  I'll let the proprietors explain the peculiar name and slogan themselves:

As one of the most unique restaurants in Metropolitan Bangkok, the Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) Restaurant has attracted international attention. Conveniently located near one of Bangkok's main business districts, C&C is very popular among local and foreign clients.

Our restaurant was conceptualized in part to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA)

We also provide catering services to meet all requirements. And remember, our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.

The interior decoration consists mostly of condoms arranged in various ways, and instead of after-dinner mints, they hand out condoms.  The food is apparently quite good.  For reviews and additional information, see here and here.

The restaurant is based in Bangkok, but has several branches in other parts of Thailand, with Chiang Rai being in the far north.  They even have a branch in England!

[Thanks to Pattira Thaithosaeng]


  1. Jason said,

    October 13, 2015 @ 10:41 pm

    So… the Thais have developed hipster theme restaurants?

  2. Jim Breen said,

    October 13, 2015 @ 10:41 pm

    I have actually eaten in that restaurant, during a visit to Chiang Rai in 2006.

  3. amy said,

    October 13, 2015 @ 10:56 pm

    Before reading the rest of the article, I thought this was the product of confusion about "préservatif" in French, which does not mean preservative in the food sense, but condom.

  4. Ken said,

    October 13, 2015 @ 11:49 pm

    I've been to the original Bangkok branch, too. About 15 years ago. The food was OK, but overpriced.

  5. bratschegirl said,

    October 14, 2015 @ 2:20 am

    The time has come, the Walrus said…

  6. Dougal Stanton said,

    October 14, 2015 @ 3:46 am

    They probably can't guarantee you won't develop a food baby…

  7. Matt McIrvin said,

    October 14, 2015 @ 5:54 am

    They could serve only items that cause massive halitosis and flatulence.

  8. Morten Jonsson said,

    October 14, 2015 @ 8:44 am

    The one in Bangkok has been there quite a long time; I ate there over twenty years ago. It was my first Thai food in Thailand, and I thought it was wonderful.

  9. Kivi Shapiro said,

    October 14, 2015 @ 9:33 pm

    …to talk of many thondoms.

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