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Whatever else may be true about biologists, they generate the best spam. I've somehow managed to get on a mailing list for biological lab equipment — some conference I attended, or some journal I subscribed too — and as a result, I get lots of email like this one, which arrived this morning under the […]

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Annals of BioSpam

I've recently received an email offering me, for a mere $245, a yearly subscription to Surgical Technology International. As a teaser, the journal's marketing department invites me to view an online copy of "Site-Specific Rectocele Repair with Dermal Graft Augmentation: Comparison of Porcine Dermal Xenograft (Pelvicol®) and Human Dermal Allograft", by a long list of […]

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Not really one of my favorite products, actually…

From my inbox:

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Subject: Free duck with your oligos

A sample of today's biospam: Mark, get your ducks in a row with Operon… FREE Operon Op-Animal with ANY oligo order! Operon and MWG are joining forces to create a new global leader in the oligo market. Operon has created the world's most advanced factory for fully automated solid-phase synthesis of oligonucleotide probes and primers. […]

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Biolistic transfection by gene gun bullets

It gets better and better. The folks who invited me to come over and get my proteins expressed ("Just send us your gene", 5/21/2008) are now peddling videos. At least, someone using the same biospam mailing list has sent me the table of contents for the current on-line issue of the Journal of Visualized Experiments, […]

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