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Just out, from the LSA website:

Linguistics, Language and the Public Award

The Linguistic Society of America announces the 2009 recipient of the Linguistics, Language and the Public Award, given for a body of work that has had a demonstrable impact on the public awareness of language and/or linguistics.

The award will be given to Language Log, a collaborative science blog devoted to linguistics and written by a team of more than a dozen prominent linguists, almost all members of the Linguistic Society of America (their names are listed on the front page at http://www.languagelog.com).

Language Log will be recognized at the LSA's business meeting on January 10, 2009, in San Francisco, California. The award will be accepted on behalf of the Language Log team by two of its members: University of Pennsylvania professor of phonetics Mark Y. Liberman (who founded Language Log in 2003 along with Geoffrey K. Pullum, who is now at the University of Edinburgh) and Stanford professor of linguistics Arnold M. Zwicky (who has been a prolific and prominent contributor since shortly after the blog was started).

Meanwhile, the society reports the elevation of various members to LSA Fellow status, including LLog's own Roger Shuy. And the death of a number of members, including several who were my acquaintances, colleagues, or friends: Ladislav Zgusta, Rulon Wells, Blair Rudes, Eloise Jellinek (remembrance by LLog's Heidi Harley on the Linguist List), J.L. (Joey) Dillard, Winfred (Win) Lehmann, Carol Justus.

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