Romeyka rescue

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Ioanna Sitaridou's "Crowdsourcing Romeyka" project has been getting some coverage in niche media, and in at least one widely-read publication: Esther Addley, "Endangered Greek dialect is ‘living bridge’ to ancient world, researchers say", The Guardian 4/3/2024.

The crowdsourcing platform's interface seems well-designed and easy to use. There are a few obvious questions — for example, there's no protection against inappropriate or even malicious responses, so that the collected recordings will need to be checked by someone who knows Romeyka reasonably well.

Also, my own experience with browser-based data collection of this type has been that there can be level-setting and other audio quality problems, depending on the user's device, operating system, browser, recording context, etc. The hardware and software involved has been improving, so I hope that aspect of things works out well for the project.

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