A depressilarious take on deepfakes

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From SMBC:

The mouseover title: "The really sad part is when they start deepfaking themselves for affirmation."

The aftercomic:

One of the comments on this strip describes it as "depressilarious".

A not-at-all-depressing real-world analogue is described in "Avatar therapy to reduce auditory hallucinations for people with schizophrenia", 11/24/2017. More information can be found in this paper and these slides.

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  1. Haamu said,

    February 16, 2024 @ 11:11 am

    So it looks like cartoonists need to step up and invent a new visual shorthand for "deepfake." Option #1, offered here, is "crazy eyes."

    My own ability to detect video deepfakes seems to be primarily auditory, not visual — or a combination of the two, with bad lip sync being key.

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