Hong Kong taxi lingo

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If you're interested in going to Hong Kong to witness the earthshaking events that are taking place there, prepare yourself by learning a few useful Cantonese phrases.

Luisa Tam, "Learn these Cantonese phrases on your next Hong Kong taxi ride to avoid being ripped off":

Starting in 1981, I've taken taxis hundreds of times in Hong Kong, and I never once had a discourteous driver and I never got "taken on a ride" — until the last time I was there a couple of years ago.  That driver was surly and rude, and drove too fast and erratically.  He didn't talk like a local person and didn't act like all the Hong Kongers I used to know.


"Things you can do with 'water' in Cantonese" (4/2/19) — given that a catchphrase of the Hong Kong extradition protest movement is "Be water", this post (also featuring a short video by Luisa Tam) takes on added poignancy.

[h.t.:  jin defang]

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