Kudos to Shaun and #passivevoiceday

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Let the record show that in the post advertising Passive Voice Day 2012 on Shaun's Blog (April 27), which was naturally crying out to be written entirely in the passive voice, the writer, shaunm, has not made a single slip. Every single transitive verb in his post is in the passive. (There is one intransitive subordinate clause in addition, "that April 27th will be passive voice day", but the main clause of that sentence is a passive, with the verb decide, so I'm giving that a pass.) In a world where hardly anyone knows what a passive clause is, and pontificating critics of other people's prose get it wildly wrong over and over again, this is truly amazing.

It is a pleasure to report on someone who actually knows his grammar. Congratulations, Shaun. The idea of a Passive Voice Day is completely nuts, but at least you know what you're talking about.

[Hat tip to Will Thompson. Comments have of course not been opened, at least not by me.]

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