Keeping up our standards

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The lower-grade newspapers in Britain this morning have been making much of what happened to a group of birdwatchers, gathered excitedly in a coastal area for a rare chance to photograph a Hume's leaf warbler. It seems they happened upon a calendar photo shoot and had a rare chance to also snap a blonde model, draped over a motorcycle, wearing nothing but a thong.

But I'm not going to touch it. After the excellent and serious posts on the historical aspects of prescriptivism that we've seen in recent days (this one, this one, and this one, to link but three), I'm just not prepared to lower the tone by contaminating these pages with a bunch of silly puns about birds and chicks and tits and boobies. Sorry, I just won't. ("Ornithology turned to hornithology," said the Daily Mirror. Honestly. Just when you think journalism can't sink any lower…)

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