Boundary upon amicable networking

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According to", on "your one stop online daily news portal" the Daily Ginger, which I will not link to for reasons that will become clear below, yesterday this happened:

Prime Minister David Cameron referred to boundary upon amicable networking in a arise of a unrest

Top military officers as well as alternative supervision officials will additionally be benefaction for a meeting, which follows riots which swept England progressing this month

Twitter, Facebook, as well as BlackBerry builder Research in Motion all declined to contend what on all sides they would take during a meeting

British Home Secretary Theresa May will lay down with officials from a amicable media attention Thursday, her bureau said, as a supervision considers perplexing to anathema people from amicable networking during or after crises

I'm actually going to miss print media when they go away.

"What language was this translated from?" a colleague asked as he forwarded this link to me. It's very hard to tell. I actually know what this story is about, and I still can't understand it.

[Updated 26 August from here on.]
You can read all the essential points of the story ungarbled at this proper news source and many others. Paragraphs have been moved and ill-chosen synonyms substituted for words. The Daily Ginger site runs on plain vanilla WordPress blog software at a .com address, registered to Tasawar Ali at 106 A /1 Block A satellite Town, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab 69320, Pakistan. I suppose that makes it likely that either Urdu or Punjabi may have been involved as the original language of the content.

Bob Moore writes to me to point out that the entire atrocious, useless site seems to have all the features of a "content farm":

This means that they post content that is designed to mislead search engines into ranking their pages high enough to get people to click on them, and from there, click on ads. As they reveal in their "privacy statement":

We have a plan to use third party advertisements on to support our site. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when they advertise on our site.

They may be using Google Translate, or they may simply be intentionally scrambling content they scrape from legitimate news sites, in order to avoid being sued for copyright violations.

John W. Brewer points out a newer story on the site that translates "declared states of emergency" as "spoken states of puncture", which appears to be a hallmark error of Google Translate, associated with Japanese and Chinese.

So, possibly news stories snatched from Urdu or Punjabi newspapers, or possibly further east, and Google-Translated back into English. Or possibly not. Whatever. I'm going to miss print a lot.

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