Political sound and silence II

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In "Political Sound and Silence", 2/8/2016, I compared the joint distribution of speech segment durations and (immediately following) silence segment durations in the Weekly Addresses of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama:

Today I thought I'd add a similar graph for President Donald Trump's Weekly Addresses so far in 2017:

And a table of some other relevant values, including estimates of overall speaking rate and speaking rate excluding silent pauses:

 N Speech
% Speech Words WPM
(excl. silence)
Bush 2008  48  8262  1976  10237 213  0.807  24483  166.9  206.9
Obama 2010  50  9840  2884  12724 254  0.773  38253  180.4  233.3
Trump 2017  14  2417  480  2898 207  0.834  7131  147.6  177.0

I believe that all of the addresses in the comparisons above were read from a prepared text, and were delivered from a seated posture in a quiet room (I think usually the Oval Office).

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  1. unekdoud said,

    May 31, 2017 @ 12:59 am

    Are there any trends over the weekly addresses for these measures? In particular, is speech duration or speech % correlated with median pitch?

    [(myl) Good questions, which will take an hour or so to answer. Today is full — maybe tomorrow.]

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