Recording what is said at a meeting

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The awful thing about the documentation policy adopted by Amber, who has clearly started a campaign to get Dilbert fired for bullying, is that her idea of taking down what is said at a meeting is to record illocutionary rather than locutionary acts.

Dilbert implied that I am a delusional witch reports an illocutionary act (in the sense of the speech act theory that derives from J. L. Austin's famous philosophy book How To Do Things With Words in 1960). Dilbert uttered the words ‘I'm not even close to being a bully’ records the content of a locutionary act, which permits others to judge what illocutionary force it might have had in a given context. Big difference. I'm afraid the harassment case here is going to be ugly.

[Comments are closed because I'm afraid of someone misreporting my illocutions. It has happened before. People can be delusional.]

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