Another eggcornish cartoon

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Following on the Dinosaur Comics eggcorn cartoon in my last posting, here's Micah Gordon's Coarse Ground on (roughly) the same subject:

Scorecard follows…
(1) air apparent seems not to be on the eggcorn database site at all. It's an ear spelling (since the spelled H seems not to have ever been pronounced in earlier English, and wasn't in the spelling for some time, though some people do seem to pronounce it, from the spelling — a spelling pronunciation!);

(2) leopard for leper is in fact in the ecdb;

(3) piranha for pariah has been discussed in the Eggcorn Forum, but hasn't made it into the database proper, since it looks like an ordinary classical malapropism rather than an eggcorn;

(4) acyrologiaphobia is new to me, but I'm appealing to Gordon for an explanation, and will report on his response here;

(5) the social interaction type illustrated here is called "yanking someone's chain" in the American vernacular, and I find it unpleasant — but it seems to be popular;

(6) throwing coffee, alcoholic drinks, etc. on someone as a rebuke is amply illustrated in the comics, movies, and so on, and does happen in real life as well.

[amended later, with the correction to acyrologiaphobia (the print was pretty small). What Micah said was:

Acyrologia… seems be more or less synonymous with malapropism, and is even mentioned on the malapropism wikipedia page. Basically I was looking to invent a disease that would make someone react in such a fashion to eggcorns and malapropisms and the like (and was trying to avoid "wordrage"), and this was the best word to add "phobia" to. I also thought it sounded complicated and diseasey.]

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