Keep those skeletons working

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The new Musselburgh health center, quite close to where I live in Edinburgh, is not complete; the construction process is at a standstill. The problem? According to the Scotsman newspaper's rather startling headline, it seems to be the workforce:

Skeletons halt work on clinic

But of course it was just a crash blossom. No army of reanimated skeletal workers (Jason and the Argonauts-style) has downed tools on the Scottish coast. What has stopped the work is just the discovery of some skeletons from the era when the Romans were here. (It is an extraordinary thought that Latin used to be spoken here. Quite a bit of Scotland was scheduled to become part of the Roman empire about two thousand years ago, and the Romans built a full-scale furnace-heated bathhouse at Cramond, a cute little town a few miles northwest of where I live, where Barbara and I often go for a walk and a visit to the pub.)

Hat tip: Andre Mayer.

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