UC linguistics faculty pledge support for Glossa, call for cancellation of Lingua

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Katie Fortney at the University of California (UC) Office of Scholarly Communication writes:

In November 2015, the editorial board of Lingua, a linguistics journal published by Elsevier, resigned en masse to begin a new open access journal, Glossa. […] Several UC linguistics faculty have now issued a statement declaring their support for the new journal and urging their colleagues and the UC libraries to no longer support Lingua. In response, the UC libraries have informed Elsevier that they wish to cancel their subscription to Lingua.
In making this statement of support for Glossa, the UC Linguistics faculty have joined their colleagues at institutions like the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and MIT; in addition MIT recently announced its support for Open Library of Humanities, which is supporting Glossa's move to its new home at Ubiquity Press.

This post follows up on "Lingua is dead, long live Glossa!" (11/8/2015), "Lingua Disinformation" (11/27/2015), and "Zombie Lingua Recruitment" (12/15/2015).


  1. Rajesh Kochhar said,

    February 19, 2016 @ 10:01 pm

    If countries like USA feel the pinch when it comes to subscription to high-priced journals, you can imagine the suffering caused to scholarship in countries with limited academic funding, such as India.

    A journal becomes prestigious because established scholars referee submitted manuscripts for it and help scholars improve their work. There is no reason for publishers to make money out of research journals.

  2. Cross-Post: Achemenet News | Book and Sword said,

    February 20, 2016 @ 9:26 am

    […] Further Reading: Linguists are involved in a struggle to control the journal Lingua, whose editorial board resigned in protest at high subscription fees and founded the new journal Glossa (link). […]

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