Naked bouncing? In the workplace?

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At this page in the Daily WTF you may find a verbatim reproduction of an email in which an office worker told her colleagues:

Please be advised- I will be bouncing Nude in 5 minutes. Please let me know if this presents an issue.

Presents an issue? It sure does! Does this woman have no conception of workplace manners? I find it hard enough to concentrate when co-workers are just sitting around nude in the common room. When they start bouncing around, I really feel I have to draw the line.

One minute later, however, came a second email explaining that the word "Nude" had been — can you guess? — a cupertino. OK, everybody, false alarm. Debbie will not be bouncing nude after all. It's just some server called NewDev that will be bounced (i.e., taken down and quickly rebooted). Nothing to see here, folks; back to your desks.

[Thanks to: Jens Fiederer and Urban Garlic.]

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