Adjectival forms of place names: the world map?

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In response to my post on the quasi-regular morphology of words like Nepalese vs. Tibetan, Charles Troster writes:

The thought occurred to me – wouldn't it be neat to have a map of the world, coloured in by which ending is used to describe its people? I started trying to make one of these myself, and halfway through I realized I was mixing up the adjectival forms and the demonyms willy-nilly. Maybe if someone a bit more into map-making figured out how to do it :)

Even from the portion I did, though, it's quite amazing to get a visual on how certain endings really only hang out in certain parts of the world. However, "-ian" and "-an" are quite universal and they appear a little bit everywhere.

I agree, it would be neat to see such a map. If you know where this has already been done, or if you do it, let me know and I'll post the map or a link to it.

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