2009 Linguistic Institute

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From Andrew Garrett, a shameless plug for this summer's Linguistic Institute:

Language Log readers may be interested to know that four LL authors — Adam Albright, Geoff Nunberg, Geoff Pullum, and Sally Thomason — will be teaching courses at the 2009 Linguistic Institute. Every other summer the Linguistic Society of America and a US linguistics department sponsor a Linguistic Institute. This year the host is the University of California, Berkeley; the dates are July 6 through August 13; and there are 92 scheduled courses in all, as well as special lectures and six major conferences that take place during the Institute. Students can apply for fellowship support from the LSA (the deadline is February 17), and non-students are welcome to attend as "affiliates" (the affiliate charge pays for fellowships). We encourage anyone interested in language and linguistics to attend.

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