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A few days ago I posted about (among other things) the snowclonelet "X virgin", conveying (roughly) 'someone who hasn't experienced X'. I reported there on two instances with sexual content: "oral virgin" and "anal virgin". There are others, including the fuller versions "oral sex virgin" and "anal sex virgin", the variants "blowjob virgin" and "butt-sex virgin", the pair "gay-sex virgin" and "straight sex virgin", the electronic "phone sex virgin", "cyber-sex virgin", and "Skype sex virgin", plus "pornography virgin" and "porn virgin". No doubt there are more.

Then W Shore wrote to say:

I hope it won't be long before, just as the "electric guitar" created the "acoustic guitar", we begin to hear about "sex virgins." Much like, "I'm a chocoholic, but for alcohol".

The suggestion is that the widespread use of "X virgin" will incline people to create the retronym "sex virgin" (similar to "acoustic guitar" and "analog watch"). And it's happened; here's a clear example:

I'm 15 years old and i am a sex virgin. i get vaginal flatulance … (link)

There are probably more to be found, but they're very hard to search for; "sex virgin" pulls up vast amounts of irrelevant stuff (plus some of the "X virgin" examples above).

Addendum: Michael Kleber thought to search on {"a sex virgin"} and found "a crop of examples". Kleber reports:

One from 2005 uses it for contrast with another "X virgin" construction:  

I talked to you for an hour. I'm just going to go comment crazy here cause youre a myspace virgin.
…and a sex virgin. (link)

 And from 2006 there's a lovely bit of parallelism that demanded the "sex virgin" construction: 

Why would someone do this? I would really like to know. Is it that difficult for a relatively fit and attractive woman to find someone to have sex with?
She may be a sex virgin, but she's an attention whore. (link)

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