Briefly noted

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A couple of days ago, on MetaTalk, Daddy-o explained that "It's is not the possessive form of it".

The Straightener commented: "I've cut people for less than this."

Eideteker responded: "I think you mean fewer."

It's possible that this is also relevant.

This is not relevant at all, but I liked the analysis of a certain sort of political rhetoric (here edited slightly to protect the guilty):

… (a) find a problem […], (b) find something you want to do for other reasons unrelated to the problem […], (c) claim without explanation that (b) will solve (a), and so (d) profit–because Peter Cardwell of BBC/Newsnight is too busy being the objective journalist referee of the yelling match to do his proper job and say:

Come, come, Mr. ___, are you serious? Your claim to believe that ___ is risible!

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