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At the Revolutions blog, David Smith posts a nice little discussion about growth in jobs where people are making sense of data; he used job search site to look at trends in job postings. Apparently postings involving "statistician" are not seeing a lot of growth, but "data scientists" have really started to catch on during the last year or so. (Hat tip to Joe Reisinger for tweeting this. He comments that data scientist is a "truly terrible name, but it's undeniably a different skill set: way too many statisticians can't code".)


statistician Job Trends graph

Data scientist:

"data scientist" Job Trends graph

How about jobs that specifically name things computational linguists do? I played with a little bit. "Natural language processing" seemed like the obvious first thing to try. It's got an upward trend, but nothing dramatic,

"natural language processing" Job Trends graph

and there's certainly not a lot of exciting trajectory for "computational linguistics" itself:

"computational linguistics" Job Trends graph

If you want to catch a rising trend for computational linguists, it seems like you might want to think about "text analytics":

"text analytics" Job Trends graph

I'd post the graph for "assistant professor", but it makes me too sad.

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