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Paul Armstrong has reminded me of the Authors@Google videos (available on YouTube) — videos of authors talking at Google on their recent books. At least five are of interest to linguists:

Noam Chomsky (4/25/08)

Erin McKean (3/29/06)

Geoffrey Nunberg (10/12/06)

Steven Pinker (9/24/07)

John Searle (10/30/07)

[Added 2/2:

Ray Jackendoff (8/30/07)

George Lakoff (7/12/07)

George Lakoff (6/4/08)

(Of the eight videos listed here, some are more directly related to linguistics than others.)]

[Added 2/7: from Ben Zimmer, three more talks at Google:

Tom Dalzell
Christine Kenneally
David Harrison and Gregory Anderson ]

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