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Arabic character code table
Unicode Arabic code chart in pdf form
Unicode Arabic code chart in gif form

Qamus: Tim Buckwalter's Arabic lexicography website
Buckwalter Transliteration

Isham G. Ishaq's Arabic Script Software Map
Information on Arabic (character) code sets

Arabic xterm

Arab linux users group

General information on ISO-8859 (including Arabic)

arabjoin -- perl filter for contextual rendering of arabic text
(unicode input in logical order--does ligatures and also reverses for left-to-right output of resulting glyphs)

Code Page 1256 Windows Arabic
Validity pattern for windows-1256


GRE Editor

Amr's Arabic Archive

1001 Sites: Arabic internet directory (includes writing and elementary language tutorials)
paper on use of perl/linux in the back end of

Possible sources of parallel text:

BBC world service in Arabic:
BBC world service in English:

New links page from in Arabic, English, French Saudi Press agency Al Jazirah newspaper

The Daily Al Bayan

Al Khaleej (all gifs?)

---- Khaleej Times

Egypt State Information Service

Mansoura University

"Little Horus" -

Al Ahram (Egyptian newspapers) (looks interesting) -- links / newspapers and magazines on line

Example: (maybe is the same as):

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Nuun Labs

LangBox Arabic