Latin in the blogs

About a week ago, I noted that 24 Hour Translations is willing to translate up to 20 words of Latin for $16, and suggested some do-it-yourself alternatives -- basically "translation by table lookup followed optionally by construal" -- based on the wonderful Perseus website.

Rogueclassicism's reaction was jubilant: "There's money in Latin". But Margaret Marks at Transblawg, a professional translator who knows whereof she speaks, was by no means so positive: "I should think a reasonable minimum rate would be a great deal more than $16."

Elsewhere in the Latin , Pliny the Elder weighed in on the Swift Boat Controversy (as reported by Michael Gilleland at Laudator Temporis Acti), and Ron Hogan at confessed that Wheelock's Latin was "the only high school text towards which I have any positive emotion whatsoever, really," and backed this up with a memorable quote from Seneca about the pumpkinification of Claudius. A bit earlier, Lisa at Two Loose Teeth cited Quislibet's attempt to translate Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back, and Marcus Valerius Martialis at Martialis