Hub4 Spanish program availability

Spanish programming at VOA:

The following information comes from Richard Araujo at VOA:

1. They produce 4 original news programs a day (5 days a week):

        morning         1/2 hour
        midday          1/2 hour
        afternoon       1/2 hour
        evening         1 hour

In addition, they have 5 min. news reports every hour from
6:15am - 7:15pm.

2. The news program format is CNN/ABC-like.  They have a male/female
anchor team for each program, which includes news reports from
correspondents, interviews, etc.  They also have some sports news.  

Any given show has between 5-6 different people speaking.  They run
two shifts a day (morning and afternoon), so that on any given day the
four news programs will represent around 10-12 different speakers.
This does not, of course, include the people being interviewed, etc.
They have a total reporting staff of around 18, so that over the
course of a month one could expect to hear from 18 different VOA
people in varying amounts.

In addition to regular news reporting, the 1-hour evening show has a
call-in format one day a week (10 min. news, 50 min. call-in).  The
calls come from all over Latin America with a host at VOA.  

Spanish programming via the SCOLA network:

Network: Scola Chile - TVN (Televisión Nacional de Chile)

Show: "24 Horas" - News, 2 reporters in studio (sometimes 2 men, sometimes 1 man and 1 woman) following script, several journalists on the street, length: usually 30 mins. (Sunday special 1 hr.)

1) Network: Scola Mexico - Galavisión

a) Show: "ECO" or "ECO Internacional" - This is not really the name of the show itself, ECO is more of a news network, somewhat like CNN, I am not sure if they have their on channel but other networks like Galavisión show their programs. It's a news show with 2 reporters in the studio (sometimes 2 men, sometimes 1 man and 1 woman) following a script. Length: usually 30 mins. On Saturdays it lasts 1 hour. The Sunday special also lasts 1 hr. and is given the name "Profundizando", it usually includes an extense interview.

b) Show: "24 Horas" - News, 1 main male reporter following script and usually conducting brief telephone interviews, sometimes a second reporter gives sports news, length: 30 mins.

2) Network: Scola 2 Mexico - Galavisión

a) Show: "Un nuevo día" - General interest: some news, interviews, music, dance, cooking, sports, etc. Two hosts, a man and a woman. Length: usually 1 hr., 3 times 30 mins. and twice 1h30m.

b) Show: "Anabel" - Comedy, sketches with a cast of about ten, main comedian is a woman, Anabel. Length: 30 mins. or 1 hr.

c) Show: "Hogar dulce hogar" - Soap opera, main cast of 4 plus a few others, length 30 mins.

Network: Scola Spain - TVE (Televisión Española)

a) Show: "Parlamento" - Discussion of current issues, political and economic. One male host and three guests, 2 women and a man. I am actually not sure if that is the name, the titles are not shown and this name is just mentioned at one point, but it did sound like they were referring to the name of the program. Length: 7-8 mins. (just the end of the program)

b) Show: "Huella de Luz" - Movie, length: 1 hr.

c) Show: No name (it was already started) - Educational, documentary about Mexico with a male host, length: 30 mins.


"Noticiero Univisión" is a half-hour news program originating in Miami. The news correspondents for the program are located throughout Latin America as will as the U.S. In the program that we have sampled, there was one female news anchor (with a standard "Carribean" accent). There is usually another male anchor on the program, who was on vacation for the episode that we have sampled.

The program is shown Monday - Friday from 6:00 - 6:30pm.

During the 1/2 program, there were 14 different female speakers, including the news anchor, and 17 different male speakers. All were but two were native speakers of Spanish.

The general format of the program is similar to that of ABC or CNN news, where the news anchor introduces reports and interviews, which are in turn covered by different reporters. The topics cover both world news as well as news pertaining to Hispanics in the U.S. (such as the new U.S. immigration law, etc.)

There were 3 commercial cuts during the program, each about 1 minute in duration.

Besides speech of native speakers, the program also contained an episode where a reporter simultaneously translated the speech of two English speakers whose English was barely audible in the background.

In addition, there was also a brief episode where English was spoken with printed translations appearing on the screen.