Coherence of Sentence Pairs -- Results of Test #1

(as of 6:00am 4/18/2019)

For background and discussion, see "Coherence of sentence sequences", 4/17/2019.

(1) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 4 (2%) RED 166 (98%)

  • The vacation swindle business is booming, according to law enforcement agencies, consumer advocates and travel industry organizations.
  • The bait for unsuspecting victims ranges from nonexistent trips to identification cards offering anyone the kind of discounts only travel agents can get legitimately.

(2) Original=BLACK -- Survey BLACK 135 (80%) RED 33 (20%)

  • Although large dairies used by supermarkets use modern equipment, most small dairies use pasteurizing machines that were built before skimmed milk became popular.
  • Drinking low-fat rather than whole milk could be more likely to infect you with food-poisoning bugs such as Salmonella and E. coli, according to PHLS researchers.

(3) Original=BLACK -- Survey BLACK 167 (99%) RED 2 (1%)

  • Philip French of Cresson simply looks at fly-fishing as another fun way to outsmart Mr. Largemouth, a fish revered by Southern freshwater fly anglers.
  • Many view fly-fishing as an escape from the norm, a more polite way to catch bass than on a bait-casting rod of brute strength and with a lure full of hefty treble hooks.

(4) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 12 (7%) RED 158 (93%)

  • Her complaint began in an ordinary enough fashion.
  • She was upset about her son's picture in the paper.

(5) Original=BLACK -- Survey BLACK 113 (67%) RED 56 (33%)

  • In a chip industry that's hitting a rocky spell, Rambus is on a roll.
  • Rambus is an anomaly in many ways.

(6) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 17 (10%) RED 152 (90%)

  • Before that time I talked as that girl talks.
  • Now I can manage to make myself understood sufficiently in your language to explain that you do not know that other girl's language.

(7) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 5 (3%) RED 165 (97%)

  • "I wish you would show me all you write, Mr. Eden," she said.
  • He flushed with pleasure.

(8) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 55 (32%) RED 115 (68%)

  • And say what I could, I was incapable of making her comprehend it to be her own; so I rose and covered it with a shawl.
  • 'It's behind there still!' she pursued, anxiously.

(9) Original=BLACK -- Survey BLACK 169 (99%) RED 1 (1%)

  • Two thick squares of wood of equal size are stoutly clenched together, so that they cross each other's grain at right angles; a line of considerable length is then attached to the middle of this block, and the other end of the line being looped, it can in a moment be fastened to a harpoon.
  • All whaleboats carry certain curious contrivances, originally invented by the Nantucket Indians, called druggs.

(10) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 3 (2%) RED 167 (98%)

  • The phone rang, but I let it ring.
  • I wasn’t going to get out of the bathtub and leave puddles on the floor to listen to someone breathe; I would stay here with Sharon and Doctor Hunter.

(11) Original=BLACK -- Survey BLACK 163 (96%) RED 7 (4%)

  • “Talk is dangerous,” said Paul darkly.
  • "They don’t do anything; they just have meetings and talk a lot, sort of like the Theosophists.”

(12) Original=RED -- Survey BLACK 32 (19%) RED 137 (81%)

  • “It’s how you check on Community Control cases,” Kathy said.
  • “Drop in when they least expect a visit."